At Del Río Izquierdo Abogados we provide integral and personalized legal services to a great number of national and foreign companies, investors and corporate groups, wealthy individuals, family office and family businesses, and we render fast and creative legal solutions that provide added-value to our client’s businesses.

All of them are witnesses of our high level of professionalism, proactivity and efficiency when dealing with legal issues.

Our clients’ activities are in the industrial, commercial and services industries:

  • Multinational corporate groups of the mining sector.
  • Companies engaged in the farming and commercialization of salmon and trout.
  • Groups of companies of the electric and gas sector.
  • Groups of companies of agroindustrial and exporter sector.
  • Groups of construction and real estate companies.
  • International manufacturing companies (packages, elevator systems, technology, chemical, toys and beauty products).
  • Financial and Factoring companies with operations in Latin America.
  • International hotel groups.
  • Airlines.
  • International groups of electric power companies.
  • International companies of elevators and escalators.