At Del Río Izquierdo Abogados we provide comprehensive advisory and legal services to individuals and entities, both local and foreign. We seek to add value offering simple, flexible and effective legal solutions through a personalized relation between our firm’s partners and attorneys and our clients.

We are a law firm with high ethical and excellence standards, with professionals that are proactive, creative, diverse, tolerant and empathic to our client’s matters.

Our hallmark is the level of involvement that our partners and attorneys achieve in connection with the business and industry of our clients, allowing us to truly understand their needs and thus achieve swift, creative and –specially- efficient solutions to their corporate and operational matters as well as potential contingencies related to their businesses.

Del Río Izquierdo Abogados has its origins in the law firm Del Río y Morgan Limitada, created in the year 1997 as a result of a split of the Otero law firm. Since then, our working method and commitment to our clients has allowed us to offer specific solutions to the most varied legal matters, developing long-lasting client-attorney relationships founded on trust.